From Facebook:

Kate Middleton:

I have recommended PC Clinic to several friends and will continue to do so to those who are looking for good advice based on their needs and without pressure to buy. Jim has sorted out our problems several times over a lot of years. When the time came for a new machine he gave us excellent service, and was happy to work around us as we had to go away suddenly. I trust him with our data and to keep his promises on delivery and price. And – he’s a really nice guy!!

AB Loveland:

PC Clinic is a great place if you want a computer suitable for your needs. They will build one to your spec., and wont sell you something you don’t need just for the sake of it.Buying here means that if there is a problem later, it can be sorted here not sent off somewhere else. Great all-round service.

Julie Comins:

Definitely recommend PC Clinic to sort out computer problems. First class service with humour and a great tolerance of computer muppets like us ! Even copes with the dogs and random goats he finds in our office 🙂 !

Fiona Mackie:

Have used Jim since moved back to Moray almost 6 years ago.. Great guy. Hands on and practical. If fixable he will do it. Plain talking and you don’t need a PhD in rocket science to understand what he is talking about.

By email:

Christine Lester:

I’ve used Jim at the PCClinic in Elgin for all my PC repairs and new purchases for nearly 10 years. His advice is always reliable and repairs quick. New laptop purchases have been just what was needed and sensibly priced. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Nigel Sclater:

I haven’t had any good reason to use your services for a while but, rest assured, you are my first port of call whenever I have a software or hardware problem.
Best wishes.

Ken Asher:

I have dealt with Jim at the PC Clinic for several years now and found the service he provides is excellent. I am always treated very sympathetically as I am fairly new to computing and am self taught for the basics. His prices as well are always competitive and I would recommend him to anyone who have simple but hard to understand problems.

John Hermse:

I’ve used many computer/IT repair shops over the years but rate Digital Bussiness Support as the best. Repairs are carried out with a quiet competance in a timely affordable manner with no waffle. Similarly, sales and equipment purchases are explained and demonstrated with no undue sales pitch. Always delivers on time.

M. Little:

Jim of PC Clinic was recommended to me in 2012 and he’s been of invaluable help to me ever since. He’s obliging, knowledgeable and skilled and has assisted me on many occasions. He replaced a faulty keyboard for me once and has kept my Laptop clean, digitally and mechanically (clearing out redundant files and removing fluff from my fan). He does the work himself, so no sending away and being without your computer for weeks. I highly recommend his excellent services.

Jerry Tookey:

Friendly, helpful and cost effective. Highly recommended.
Cheers, Jerry

Alastair Campbell:

We are very happy with the work that you did on our daughter`s laptop; prompt, efficient, courteous and reasonably priced. Thank you very much.

Robbie R:

I bought most of my PC equipment from Jim at PC Clinic and also had service clean up done. Excellent service and very helpful in you need a bit of help over the phone.. cheers Robbie R.

Henrick Hauptmann:

What you get when you go to Jim is good service. He built my computer but before he did, he asked what I was it for and all sorts of questions now forgotten. What I got off Jim is a computer that suits my needs, and not an all singing and dancing one that I may have got if I had gone to one of those electrical goods chain stores that piles them high and slick sales staff that confuse me with gobbledy – gook that only a computer nerd understands. I don’t know one end of a ram from a processer but am told by friends who know these things, Jim supplied me with a good computer that has a good specification for my needs. Sure, he is a bit more expensive than the pile ’em high merchants, but what I got, friends say, is good and proven solid technology and of course good service, something hard to come by these days. So unlike what you get when dealing with a multi-million £££ turnover chain who’s main aim, it seems, is to satisfy their own systems, processes and procedures before considering the customer. I prefer Jim, because I can look him in the eye and he can tell me whats what. Just like the old days!

Alan Padmore:

I have always found Jim to be very professional and helpful when I have needed computer related advice.Over the last few years Jim has installed more memory to my laptop as well as clearing some nasty virus/trojan nasties.
PC Clinic has been and will remain my one stop shop for computing advice and repairs.

Jimmy George:

I`ve been dealing with Jim for quite a few years now and have had excellent , and quick service and would recommend him everytime. I`ll be back when i have anymore problems.

Mike Gray:

Over a number of years, when my business was based in Elgin, Jim and his team proved invaluable in assisting us to resolve a number of technical issues – and always did so in a prompt and helpful manner.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this company most highly.

John S:

PC Clinic – always helpful, friendly and efficient.
John S, Elgin


We have been using the services of PC Clinic, for near on a decade! That in itself says that we are more than impressed with PC Clinics expertise and efficiency!

Ron Hay:

I found your service very efficient from the time I delivered my computer to the time I collected. I found your advice very helpful in checking problems with viruses and sorting out any issues with the laptop. Through your advice I have changed my security system and added memory. I have used your service for a few years now and have no reason to change…

Anne Hadley:

I would like to offer my recommendations in regard to PC Clinic Elgin Moray.
Over many years I have always been very impressed by Jims pleasant attitude and professional service.

Mike Pickthall:

I have always received excellent service and advice and consider PC Clinic to be my first port of call for all my computer requirements.

George Simpson:

I’ve had to use Jim’s services on a few occasions. Being a pensioner, I’m not comfortable with PC’s and their idiosyncrasies. He has been very patient with me and found solutions on every occasion. His service is very professional and prompt and good value for money.

John Fettes:

You have been ever so helpful to me in my hours of need.Whether it be bringing my PC being updated or answering my phone calls.

Donald Davidson:

Although it is some time since I have had to use Jim at PC Clinic, without his help I would not have a computer to use. I fell for a phone scam and my computer was hacked but luckily Jim took action straight away and all was saved. Many thanks Jim.

David Latty:

The PC Clinic gives a good,reliable service and has repaired my laptop a couple of times at short notice.